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Running For Your Life

The two girls ran as fast as their legs would carry them. Their hearts pounded in their chests and their breath was ragged. Angry screams could be heard in the distance, making the girls kick their legs faster. The red haired girl looked over her shoulder and her grey eyes grew wide in alarm. The crowd had grown in size since the last time she had looked over her shoulder. In fact the mob had grown twice the size it had been earlier. The girl looked at her dark haired friend before she looked down the alley. Life in Tokyo had become increasingly difficult for the two since that rag magazine had published those photos two weeks prior. Jessi had to find a new route to work and Christine had been harassed by a female co-worker, telling her that it was shameful for her to be dating someone that was so… popular. Christine didn’t get it and neither did Jessi. 

                “There’s more of them now Christine,” Jessi exasperated as she struggled for air. She had totally forgotten her inhaler back at her apartment. Christine looked over her shoulder and then back at her friend, her blue eyes wide.

                “Can’t they just get over it?” Christine yelled, her pink chucks smacking against the pavement.

                “Apparently not,” Jessi replied, her eyes scanning the multiple signs hanging as they passed them. She knew this neighborhood and when she realized why a smile came to her face. A friend lived her, an ally.

                “Follow me,” Jessi said suddenly as she turned left. They ran a few feet before they got to a grand looking door of an apartment building, Jessi busting the doors open as they entered. They flew up a flight of stairs just as the first angry screams caught up with them. She spotted the apartment, number twelve, and banged on it furiously with her fist.

                “Where the hell are we?” Christine asked, her voice becoming panicked as the screams grew in size. Jessi went to answer when a voice echoed through the door.

                “Hello?” The voice asked. Christine’s brows shot up to her hairline in surprise… Ohno?

                “Ohno it’s me. Let us in please, before the fan girls kill us,” Jessi said frantically, her open palm resting against the door.

                “Say it,” He responded simply. Christine looked over at Jessi, but she was just looking at the door as if she was going to explode it with her mind.

                “Ohno I swear…”

                “Just say it or I won’t let you guys in.” Jessi hesitated for a moment as she looked to her friend. The screams became louder and Christine panicked.

                “Just say whatever he wants. Death by school girl is not how I’m supposed to go!” Christine exclaimed. Jessi let out a huge breath before her eyes went to the ground.

                “Ohno has the biggest dick out of all the Johnny boys,” Jessi said with a sigh. The door flew open and there stood Ohno. He had a huge grin on his face as he looked at them, his black hair messy and his shirt missing altogether. His dark denim jeans were slung low in his waist and he only had on a pair of red socks. Jessi pushed passed him and into the apartment, pulling Christine behind her. Ohno turned toward Jessi, the door still open behind her. The smile on his face faded when he looked at Jessi.

                “What?” He asked before he was shoved into the hallway, the door shut and locked behind him. When Jessi turned around her friend was looking at her, a smirk on her face and one of her brows raised.

                “What?” Jessi asked, her words the same as Ohno’s had been.

                “You slept with Ohno?” Christine asked with a little laugh.

                “Yeah…No… well… You slept with Koki!”

                “Hey I was totally drunk at the time. What was your excuse and being horny does not count.”

                Jessi stood there for a moment thinking about it. A nervous laugh came through the door before a muffled ‘ladies’ followed. Jessi smiled to herself.

                “Okay I don’t have an excuse. It was when I first got here and it was fun at the time.” A giggle came from Christine and Jessi just frowned. “If you tell anyone I will tell Yama about that dream you had with Ryo.”

                Christine went quiet instantly, her eyes narrowing at her friend.

                “You’re evil,” Christine said.

                Jessi just smiled in triumph.

                “I know.”



One Tequila… Two Tequila…


                To say that Christine had planned for the nights events to go where they were headed would be a lie. When her and Yamapi had gone over to their friends house they had no idea that they would be getting this deep into a crazy game of … well Christine didn’t know what they were playing anymore, but she did know this:

                1:  Yamapi was standing with a small paintball gun in one hand, it hanging at his side. He had one of Jessi’s red bandanas tied around his neck and a black baseball hat on backwards. He was staring down the person across from him, his legs in a wide stance. They were in some kind of old western standoff.

                2: Ryo was the one that Yamapi was staring down. His gun was the same as Yamapi’s and he was smirking that smirk that made her melt and pissed Yamapi off to high heaven.

                3: She was sure that the faceoff had started after Jin had asked her a question along the lines of who she had, had a fantasy about today. She had way too much to drink because the name Ryo slipped out before she could stop herself.

                4: That what they had been playing ‘Truth or Dare’ and she had drunkenly picked truth.


                Jessi was sitting on the couch, a huge drunken smile on her face. Her cheeks where flushed as she yelled out to them, egging them on like she always did. Kame was quite beside her, Misha on her other side, laughing. Kame was jealous that Jessi had invited Misha it was so obvious to Christine, even in her inebriated state.

                “Come on Ryo! Get him!” Jessi yelled out, pumping her fist into the air. Yamapi whipped his head over to her, a scandalized look on his face. “What?”

                “You’re supposed to be on my side, remember?”

                “Oh yeah sorry…” Jessi started then whispered, “Get him Ryo.”

                Christine rolled her eyes as she stood next to Jin and Massu. She was afraid that shit was going to get way out of hand. Jin elbowed her and smiled, trying to make her feel better. They were just playing around… drunk playing… yeah…

                Misha started counting down and when he got to one the boys both drew their guns and fired. Christine watched as a red paintball splattered against Yamapi’s shirt and a blue paintball, which was supposed to be for Ryo, smashed against Jin leg. Ryo gave a smile as he spun the gun in his hand.

                “I win,” Ryo stated simply. Yamapi went to retort, but quickly swallowed his words when he looked over at Christine. She was smiling at him weakly, making a heart shape with her hands as she winked at him. He smiled. Ryo could think he won all he wanted, but when Yamapi got home that night he knew who the real winner was going to be.

                Kame jumped up abruptly from the couch, a pair of boxing gloves dangling from his hands. He pulled them on quickly before he reached for another pair and threw them at Misha. Misha caught them easily and looked up at Kame before looking over at Jessi.

                “It’s our turn,” Kame said as he started bouncing around on the balls of his feet.

                “Bring it on pretty boy,” Misha said as he stood, shoving the red punching gloves roughly.  Jessi stood up quickly about to holler, but stopped. She sat down just as quick and frowned. Jin slid into the open seat next to her and leaned toward her. He whispered to her, his hot breath ticking her neck and the smell of tequila floating to her nose.

                “I put twenty down on the American.” Jessi looked at Jin out of the corner of her grey eye, a sly smile coming to her lips. She stuck her hand out for him to grab and Jin quickly shook it.

                “Deal,” Jessi said. She was soooo going to win twenty buck.




All Hallows Eve



                Kame walked sullenly into the large banquet hall. His head was low as he made his way further into the hall. It was Halloween and everyone in the hall was dressed in costume. There were vampires, mummies, werewolves, maids and anything else that normal people would wear to a Halloween party. He had wanted to be a motorcycle cop, but no his girlfriend had picked out his costume. He had argued with her for a week, but she wouldn’t budge. She could be so stubborn sometimes.


                “A bet is a bet and you lost baby,” She had said with that triumphant smile on her smug face.


                He really hated when she did that to him. Kame never won a bet… ever. He walked briskly over to the refreshment table and grabbed a glass of champagne, gulping down quickly and then grabbing another. He heard a laugh come from his right and he quickly looked over. Jin was standing there and pointing at him, laughing his ass off. Kame frowned before he gulped down another glass.


                “Nice legs,” Jin said loudly before he turned away. Kame was just about to grab for another glass when someone came running up to them, horror written all over their face. The man was dressed in a pirate outfit. His black hair was hanging haphazardly in his eyes and one of them was covered by a black eye patch. His hand reached up and flipped the patch over so it was resting against his forehead. He looked Kame up and down with his dark brown eyes, not even a crack of a smile coming to his face at his friend’s expense. Yamapi knew Kame’s girlfriend to well. She had some sick thing with torturing people. Yamapi was pretty certain that Jin would never recover from her telling everyone that he couldn’t last more than four minutes and Yamapi himself had gotten teased constantly about when he had died his hair that red color. She had even gone so far as to place crazy idea’s in his girlfriends head to not give him any sex until he dyed it back… it had been a looooong three months.


                “You lose another bet?” Yamapi asked as he reached out and grabbed a strand of pink hair from the wig Kame was wearing. Kame swatted Yamapi’s hand away and shook his head.


                He had lost the bet and now he had to go to the company Halloween party as Sakura Haruno from Naruto. It was a very pink outfit and the skirt and shorts he was wearing were riding up his ass. He would have much rather had been a pirate like his friend, but oh no. His girlfriend wouldn’t allow it. A giggle interrupted Yamapi before he could say anything else and the boys both looked over.


                “Don’t laugh Christine, it’s not funny,” Yamapi said as his girlfriend approached them. She was wearing a French maid outfit and her dark brown hair was in pigtails. Her red stiletto’s added three inches to her height, almost making her as tall as Yamapi. Her red lips pouted out before she smiled, showing her perfectly white teeth.


                “But he looked so cute,” Christine said as she walked up to Kame and squeezed his cheek. His brown eyes just looked at her until she finally let go of him. This was all Jessica’s doing and he would get her back and he knew the perfect way how.


                Yamapi received a kiss on the cheek from his girlfriend before she waddled off, looking over her shoulder once to wink at him. She looked sexy in her outfit and he couldn’t wait to get her home so he could ravish her. And the fact that she had been drinking for the past two hours that only told him that she would be extra horny. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to leave and go back to their apartment. But duty called and he had to stay, no matter how much pain it caused him in his pants. He watched as Christine stopped by a red haired girl. The girl was dressed as a cop. She had on the hat, the tight skirt and black boots that went up past her knees. Of course she would be a cop… the very thing Kame wanted to be. He liked the girl a lot, like a sister, but sometimes she was just too much.


                “You got a plan for revenge yet?” Yamapi asked Kame. He looked over at his friend, his head tipping in Kame’s direction a little. A smile spread across his face, his brown eyes fixated on his girlfriend who was chatting across the room.


                “I’ve got the perfect plan.” Kame said, his voice a low whisper.




                Jessica sipped at her beer, a smile on her lips as she did. She knew she shouldn’t have gone through with it, but she just couldn’t help herself. Christine came sauntering up to her, resting one of her arms on Jessica’s shoulder. Christine downed the rest of her champagne before she slammed the empty glass down on a waiter’s tray that just happened to be passing by. She smacked her lips loudly before her blue eyes met with Jessica’s grey ones.


                “What?” Jessica asked, her voice low. Christine was giving her that look. It was that look of amused disapproval. It was such a contradicting look and sometimes Jessica just didn’t know how to take it.


                “I can’t believe you made him do it. Kame’s pride is crushed! You know he is going to get you back for this right? Maybe next time we go somewhere he will make you carry all the bags this time.”


                “Hey I said I would help. His chivalry got in the way of that… and yes I’m expecting some type of retaliation. Dominance in bed I hope,” Jessica finished with a sly smile. Christine let her arm drop from her friends shoulder and grimaced.


                “Sometimes you’re as bad as Yamapi,” Christine said.


                “Hey, don’t say that. It’s my boyfriend that likes to do it in crazy places not me. And aren’t you the one that has the dress up fetish?” Jessica said, but her mouth was quickly covered up by a small hand. Christine’s blue eyes scanned the room to make sure that no one had heard her friend. If people found out that she made Yamapi dress up in the bedroom they would never hear the end of it. The girls were silent for a moment before Jessica rolled her eyes and removed her friend hand from her mouth.


                “I don’t see what the big deal is Christine, it’s just sex…” Jessica started, but was cut off by  very sexy male voice.


                “It’s never just sex with Chri,” Ryo said as he came up and slipped his arm over Christine’s shoulders. Jessica frowned when she saw him. Sure she liked the guy, he was hella hot, but he seemed to cause nothing but trouble for Yamapi and Christine. Ryo was that guy that just couldn’t get over the fact that he had lost the girl to his best friend. Ryo didn’t have his arm on Christine for more than two minutes before someone removed it for him.


                Jessica turned around as saw Yamapi standing there, his dark brown eyes smoldering as he looked at Ryo. Ryo just smiled as he backed away.


                “Sorry Pi,” Ryo said. Yamapi didn’t answer before he grabbed Christine by the arm and drug her from the party. Ro watched as they disappeared before his attention turned to Jessica. She was looking at him, one of her dark brow’s arched.


                “You are nothing but trouble Ryo.” Jessica said, finishing her beer and thrusting the empty bottle into his hands. He just looked at her before she walked away. It was then that Kame approached her.


                “Baby I think we need to go somewhere more private,” Kame whispered as she caught her gently by the wrist. His breath danced against her skin as she looked at him over her shoulder. He had that devilish look in his eye, the one that told her he was ready for a good sex session. He didn’t have to tell her twice. It didn’t matter what Kame was wearing, Jessica would always find him sexy.



                Yamapi frowned as he looked down at the girl on his bed. Her blue eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open. No matter how hard he tried in the cab, Yamapi could not keep her awake. Christine mumbled something before she scratched at the tip of her nose, a smile coming to her lips before she hugged his pillow closer to her.


                He smiled as he sat down on the bed beside her. One of his hands reached out and wiped some of her brown hair from her face. She was the most beautiful thing he had everything and she was all his. That was the way he wanted it to be the moment he had met her three years ago.




                “Kame you’ve got to be kidding me!” Jessica yelled from the bed. He had gone through all the trouble to get her all hot and bothered and then said that he was going to sleep on the couch. “It wasn’t that bad!”


                “Jin told me I had nice legs. That’s something straight from a nightmare. You should have seen the looks I was get… don’t do that,” Kame said, his finger pointing at Jessica. She was kneeling on the bed, her lip pushed out in a pout and her grey eyes looked sad. She was in nothing but her lacy black underwear and Kame was having enough trouble with his plan as it was. He was just in his boxers now and he was afraid that if she kept looking at him she would see the results she was having.


                “Come on Kame… I’ll let you handcuff me,” Jessica said as she pulled a pair of handcuffs from her right boot. He loved it when she wore boots in bed. There was something erotic about that being the only thing she wore when they…. Well, you know. Kame let out a huff as he let his head fall. He kicked the door shut behind him and headed for the bed quickly. He had no self control when it came to her. Jessica just smirked.


                Another win for her.


What an Ass!


Okay i am totally going to vent at the moment about this guy

20163_10150099268675468_44274829546.jpg JIN image by ttalktomesoftly

I know a lot of people like him, hell i used to like him, but now i cant stand him. The guy is an ass and fame has gone to his head. I don't care if he has been in the industry since he was a little kid and if girls throw themselves at him just to get a peek of his trouser snake or smell his body odor. None of that gives him an excuse to act like an ass.

I live in California and i was informed by a friend that he was going to be playing in LA, which is about a two and a half hour drive from where i live. Being curious i looked it up and saw that his tickets were around 150 DOLLARS!!!!  What! Who even knows this guy over here, except a very select few. I know who he is and i wouldnt pay that much to see him.

Let's be honest with ourselves, the guy is good looking but his acting skills are bad and his singing is alright, but he always does this weird lip thing that distracts me. its like he is trying to be sexy while he sings but it makes him look like he is having some type of twitch problem. Then there is his dancing... he shakes his hips, thrusts, licks his palm or whatever, but you cant see any of it because of the terrible outfits that they have to wear. I mean who makes those? They should be fired right away. I do have a sneaky suspision that even if he wasnt wearing much while he was dancing that i would think he just looked completely awkward and.... he looks like he's not sure how to do it.

Taking about doing it... have you heard that song where he sings that he only needs 4 minutes to get off? OMG why is he sharing that and not only that he's saying that because that's all HE needs... selfish bastard. What about the girl he's banging in the green room or the "lucky" girl he takes back to the apartment. I can tell you that they are going to need more than four fucking minutes. I would never admit that if i was a dude.

So Jin basically gets along on his pretty looks. It's pathetic i mean there are way more talented guys that are part of JE and the best exapmle is Nino! He is the most talented in my opinion and he was in a Clint Eastwood movie... CLINT EASTWOOD! the guy is a legend in hollywood and Nino was one of the main characters, if not the main character, in the whole fucking movie! He was great in it, his acting chops are so good and the fact that he doesnt get as much attention as Jin is shitty. Is it because of looks because i personally find Nino more appealing. I would pay bucks to see Nino, not 150, but i would shell out the cash.

Akanishi Jin.... he needs to have his ego smashed.

 Hell, maybe if i see him i'll give him a swift kick in the balls... heh.

Another random spout

Okay this is just a little writing thing because i felt like writing but not a whole thing, just a scene because i am lazy these days.... It would be something from that story i thought of for the fandom...maybe i don't know:

She looked up at him, her body still as he peered down at her. She had never seen anyone move like him before, not even the trained ninja that had been with her since the crazy adventure had started. No, this guy was different. His green eyes seemed to shine with a light Marie had never seen before. Though the look could seem sinister to some there was a kindness hiding in the deep pools of green. Marie felt the small girl wiggle out of her arms and drop to the floor, but she couldn't bring herself to move, trasfixed by the man's gaze. His brown hair was short and shaggy, blowing in the cold breeze, making him seem weightless.

"Vince." the girl said, her voice upbeat and happy, a contradiction the tension that danced in the air around her.

Vince was his name... somehow he seemed familiar but different. His face softened suddenly, but his eyes were stayed glued to Marie's face. What was this guy? How did she...

"Vincent?" Marie heard herself say as one of her hands reached out for his face, resting lightly on his cheek. he head fell into her eembrace and a shine came to his eyes.

"Marie," His smokey voice said, just louder than a whisper.

What's a girl to do

Okay so let me just say this about myself. I watch a lot of anime and even though i have been only watching it for a little over a year i feel like i am gaining so ground, but that isn't the point. The point of this drabble is that i am watching Ergo Proxy right now and i am so in love with the character Vincent Law:
Picture3.png Ergo Proxy image by crazysimian

There is just something about the guy that i cant get over. He is just so great and has all this inner turmoil going on but is still really a nice guy... okay i havent finished it yet but man.... i feel like a dork saying all this but i cant help it. He is just going to have to be added to my list of Anime Boyfriends as my roommate likes to call them. He has really pretty green eyes and i like his hair too. then theme to this anime is awesome and the opening has to be one of my favorites. If you know me you know that i love Naruto, but this show is right up there next to Gurren Laggan which is my second favorite. A girl has to have her favorites.

And while thinking of this show today at work i thought of another story to write about a girl that falls into this strange world that is filled with her favorite characters from her Anime Fandom... I think im losing my mind but then again i think it could be really fun and challenging. she doesnt know if its real or not and that the characters are a little different.... it would be trippy but exciting.

Couldnt stop thinking about writing all day and then when i finally get home to write... i cant. figures.




She looked out at him from behind her wet bangs, her brown eyes filled with anger. She had been out in the rain for two hours, waiting. Momo had never been good at the relationship thing and had been fine with the fact, finding comfort in random sex encounters with fellow shinobi, but now.... Seeing Tenzou with Anko just flat pissed her off. What the hell were they doing in the bar together anyway? Where they on a date or had he just ditched her so he could get lucky with the slut that was known as Anko? Oh who the hell was she kidding, she was the slut known as Momo.

Momo felt her fists clench at her sides, her short nails digging into the flesh of her palm. She had been waiting in the rain for him and for Kakashi to show up for training, but neither of them showed. How long had they expected her to wait for them. Sure, Kakashi was known to be late, but Tenzou? He had never bailed out on her before. A drink that was what she needed, a hot bottle of sake would warm her up. Momo finally stepped into the bar, a few eyes turning to her wet form. Her Jounin outfit was sticking to her frame and her hair was plastered to her face. Movement caught her eye and she spotted a flash of grey slipping out a side door making the frown on her face deepen. 


She wanted to me mad, hell Momo wanted to rage and break a couple of the tables, but a sinking feeling in her gut pushed all the anger aside. Where they avoiding her? Without a second thought she bolted to the door Kakashi had escaped to and crashed out into the flooded street. Her eyes scanned up and down the dark street, her trained eyes looking for any movement. He wasn't hiding, just standing in the middle of the street. His silver hair was haning limply, dripping water onto his face. His mismatched eyes gazed out at her, the Sharingan eye watching her intently like it always seemed to do. His hands were shoved in his pockets and she could just make out the rise and fall of his adams apple under his mask as he swallowed.

"I was waiting for you guys!" Momo called out, her voice shaky with anger and disappointment. Kakashi was quiet for a long time before finally speaking.

"Something came up."

"A date?" Momo asked. her eyes narrowing dangerously, "He ditched me for a date with Anko?"

Kakashi stayed silent, his eyes never wavering from her face.

"Why did you ditch me? Something on the road of life distract you? I waited for you guys for TWO hours... IN THE RAIN!"

Kakashi refused to say anything to his subordinate, enraging her all the more. She was looking at him now with doubt in her eyes and he could only imagine what she was thinking. Since Asuma had left Momo had been out of it. She had been drinking more and getting into more trouble. Just the other day Izumo and Kotetsu had to drag her out of a BBQ because she had gotten rough with another customer. He knew the girl had liked Asuma for a long time and when he had finally told her of his affections for another before leaving the village she had gone off on a tailspin. It pained him to see her like that and the fact that her brother wasnt there to talk her down only seemed to make it worse. Suddenly she dropped to her haunches, her hands falling into the mud. He couldn't be positive, but he was sure that their were tears on her face. 

"Dammit," Momo said, her voice low, "I'm never going to be good enough for anyone. I'm not even good enough for a random fuck anymore."

Kakashi sighed as he took a step forward. He hated when she talked like that. There were people that thought she was good enough, that thought she was better than good. Momo just always failed to see it. He crouched down in front of her and reached out and grabbed her hin, pushing her face up so she looked him in the eyes. One of kakashi's hands reached up and pulled his mask down before he kissed her, pulling her to him.

Momo was still for a moment before falling into him, her arms wrapping around him neck as she kissed him back. He thought she was worth it... and so did the brown-eyed boy watching them from the open doorway, his hands clenched into angry fists at his sides. 


Okay thats just a little bit of my Naruto OC, Momo. She's Gai's little sister and is on the Anbu squad with Kakashi and Tenzou.

Sorry Chri i know you dont know them but their really cute and awesome ninja. The userpic... thats kakashi

Couples Meme

Couples Meme:

                Okay so here it is! You pick your favorite couple and write all about them. It is a timeline meme that starts when they are three and ends when their ninety. The couple meets when their three so yeah…There’s a catch though, you can only write descriptions, no dialogue and each prompt has to be a four sentence paragraph, NO LESS!!! So try it out if you dare!


Age 3:

Age 7:

Age 16:

Age 19:

Age 21:

Age 27:

Age 34:

Age 38:

Age 42:

Age 49:

Age 53:

Age 60:

Age 75:

Age 82:

Age 90:



Couple: Chri and Ryo.

Age 3: His big dark brown eyes peered out at the girl from behind the legs of his mother. She was staring at him, her blue eyes big with wonder. He was scared, but when she wobbled up to him, a smile on her face he slowly let go of his mother’s legs and blinked at the girl. He had never seen someone with such blue eyes before.


Age 7: Christine looked at the Shaggy haired boy and frowned. He was laughing at her, his smile broad on his face. She hated it when Ryo laughed at her, especially when it was his entire fault in the first place. He was such a stupid boy, thinking that he knew everything. He was pointing at her now and she couldn’t take it anymore. She stomped up to him and grabbed his dark brown hair and pulled as hard as she could making the boy scream out in pain.


Age 16: Ryo watched her from across the room, a faint smile on her face as her brown hair fell around her face with a slight curl. She was sitting on her desk as she ate her lunch, her legs dangling off the desk. Her socks were crisp and white and went to her knee and her black skirt uniform fit her nicely. She popped a piece of dango into her mouth and swallowed. Man, when had the scrawny girl next door start making his heart beat so fast?


Age 19: Tears fell from her eyes as she sat on the corner of his bed, her face smashed into her small hands. Her shoulders were shaking with sobs and Ryo didn’t know what to do. He just sat there stunned, unable to think clearly. Christine had, had sex with that boy from the coffee shop and he had just used her. He could feel his blood began to boil as he stood from the bed, but her hand grasping at his shirt stopped him. He looked down at her and the look in her eyes, her tear streaked face, had him sitting down and pulling her to him. He would just have to beat the guy’s ass later.


Age 21: Christine sat there uncomfortable as she watched the girl hang all over him. The woman was the most annoying this she had seen in a long time. Ryo was trying to ignore the girl, but it was hard when she kept placing kisses all over his neck and face. How could Ryo be with a girl like that? Christine wanted to get up and leave, but Ryo had sounded so desperate on the phone that she couldn’t bring herself to leave. But, why had he even brought his girlfriend? Did he even like this girl? She seemed so wrong for him.


Age 27: Ryo waited patiently in the dressing rooms waiting room. He had never been to a bridal shop before and in all actuality it kind of made him feel like a weirdo. But, then again Christine had asked him to come with her and he could never say no to her, not when she really wanted it that is. He heard a rustle and looked up to see Christine standing in front of him. He felt his breath hitch as he took her in. She was wearing a white, strapless dress that had a light flower embroidery on the bodice, the length going to her feet. He had never seen her look so beautiful and it was all for some other guy, for that damn Tomohisa Yamashita.


Age 34: Christine was silent as she watched the two most important men in her life eat cereal together. They were laughing about the latest episode of One Piece. She could feel a smile on her face as she continued to watch them. Yamashita had abandoned her two years ago with their son who had been only five at the time. Akira looked just like his father, but the boy’s happiness was all due to the man who sat across from him, making faces at the young boy. Ryo had come to her rescue like he had always done.


Age 38: He kissed her, pulling her toward him and kissing her with all the pent up emotion he had kept inside for the past 35 years. He had wanted to be with her since he was six years old. His heart pounded in his chest when he felt her kiss him back. Christine pulled away from him gently a small smile on her lips before she reached for the ends of her shirt and pulled it over her head before kissing him once again.


Age 42: Ryo watched as Christine brushed her teeth as she got ready for work. She was his wife now… finally.


Age 49: Christine huffed as she stormed out of the room, her fists clenched into fists at her sides. He could be so irritating sometimes. All she had asked him to do was help with the dishes and he ignored her. Damn him and his stubbornness.  Christine turned in fury, her blood boiling. She wasn’t going to take it; he was going to wash those damn dishes. She stormed into the living room and stopped, her fists unclenching. Ryo stood over the sink, his hands trust into the soapy water in the sink and a stack of clean dishes to his right. Sometimes she swore that he argued with her just because he liked to.


Age 53:  They peered down at the baby in front of them, their granddaughter. She was a cute thing, her hair dark brown and curly like her mothers, with a mouth that looked just like her fathers. Her big eyes opened and she looked up at them, her blue eyes sparkling with wonder only a baby could have. Her eyes… she had her grandmother’s eyes.


Age 60: She loved him, there was no doubt in her mind and as she watched him fiddle with her broken watch, his glasses pushed up on his nose. His once black hair was riddled with white and his face had grown more wrinkled with age. A smirk came to his face as he pushed his glasses up and into his hair, pushing the watch back to her. That smirk… she would never get tired of it.


Age 75:  Ryo held her hand, the steady beep of the machines filling the small hospital room with noise. Christine had fallen at the grocery shop, hitting her head on a display, and as he looked down at the stitches on her head he felt a swell of fear come over him. It might have just been a slip, but now at her age and fragile state he could lose her because of something like that. If that happened… Ryo couldn’t live without her.


Age 82: Christine cuddled against him, her head resting against his shoulder. He had wanted to watch a movie, but of course he fell asleep twenty minutes into the movie. One of her small, wrinkled hands reached up and brushed against his white hair. He sighed in his sleep and she kissed him lightly on the cheek.


Age 90: All he could see was white, a white so bright that it blinded him, but when he opened his eyes again he saw her. Christine stood before him, seventeen and smiling. He couldn’t look away as she approached him, a small smile on her face as she held out her hand to him. Ryo took it, all the weariness of his body leaving him. Finally, after all the years they had been apart, he could finally be with her again.




OMG…. I totally underestimated the difficulty of this meme.


Okay i just went to see Clash of the Titans and it was an alright movie, but the main reason i went to see the movie was because of  SAM FREAKING WORTHINGTON!!!! You might know him from Terminator Savation or Avatar and i have to say that this guy..... SO HOT! I didnt mind that the movie was lacking plot, moved to fast and that he was running around in a mandress. All i cared about was that i got to look at his face for a couple of hours. I don't even know why i am writing this i guess i just wanted to share him with you guys because he is just so so nice to look at! LOVE HIM!!!


Requiem of a Dream

This is just a little... teeny tiny scene that i thought of for Yamapine's Vid she made on youtube of the same title. It seems like it would be a really cool story to write by what she put in the side description and i think she should do something with it.... okay Chri why am i writing this like someone besides you is reading this? This is a scene that i thought of with Shige and a mysterious girl. He seems like he is a host or something in the vid so that is why he is in this and i dont think that you were thinking of white girls in it but i thought what the hell and made her white anyway.


  Shige smiled emptily down at the woman that was talking to him. She was an older woman and a regular at the club, but Shige could barely stand to be around her. She was old, his grandmothers age, and it just creeped him out slightly... okay al lot, but like any host Shige knew that money was money and it was the only way he was going to survive in this dog eat dog kind of world. The woman smiled up at him, her painted on eyebrows wiggling suggestively at him. Damn what he wouldn't give to get the hell out of there or for some higher bidder to come along and purchase his company. It was the third night in a row that the grandma had been in there to see him and Shige was sure that if he had to do another night of karaoke he was going to die of humiliation. The job alone was humiliating enough, but to show off with an old biddy at your side was taking the cake.

A commotion could be heard from across the small Host club and he looked over, some of his black bangs going into his dark eyes. A crowd of hosts around the door was blocking his view, their murmurs almost deafening, but when they parted his eyes landed on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her dark red hair was in curls down past her shoulders, bouncing with every step she took in her black stiletto heels. Her blue eyes looked out at him, hungry and ablaze, and her red lips matched the strapless dress she was wearing. It was the woman from his dreams, the woman that was always calling out to him. He could hear her voice clearly now as the woman walked towards him, her stride confident and sexy.

She looked as if she was stalking her prey and Shige didnt mind at all. He hadn't noticed that his customer had fled in a hurry at the sight of the woman in the red dress. Shige gulped as the woman stopped in front of him, the smell radiating from her completely intoxicating. She smiled at him, one of her small pale hands reaching out and lading on his shoulder. She leaned in, her warm breath ticking his neck as her lips brushed against his ear. He could hear her soft breathing and his eyes closed as he tried to concentrate on nothing else. Then she spoke in a whisper making his eyes snap open.

"Please remember... for me."


Okay thats all i have for now. I hope you liked it and that it fit what you had in mind for your story.

And here's a pic i kept meaning to send Chri. Its not Shige like the little snippet, but i thought this guy was cute to. His name is Yama and he is very nice, if not a little whiny. I think you guys will get along.

Another 25 word meme

I had to do another one, their just so much fun

1. Yamapi

2. Daniel Henney

3. Kame

4. Christine

5. Ohno

6. Ryo

7. Vee (my roommate)

8. Shige

9. Jessi

10. Miura


Step 1: Write down the names of 10 characters.

Step 2: Write a fic of twenty five words for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.


First Time, 4 & 6*
Angst, 7*
AU, 1 & 8*
Threesome; 3, 6 & 9*
Hurt/Comfort, 5 & 10*
Crack, 1*

Horror, 10*
Baby Fic, 5 & 9*

Dark, 2 & 8*
Romance, 4 & 7*
Death Fic, 2 & 3*
AU, 8 & 9*
Dark, 4 & 3*
Threesome; 5, 7 & 1*
Amnesia, 2 & 10*
Hurt/Comfort, 8 & 6*
Crack, 9 & 4*
Genderswap, 1 & 6*
First Time, 2 & 7*
Angst, 3 & 8*
Baby Fic, 1*


1. First Time: Christine and Ryo(25)

                Ryo flopped her down on the bed, his dark eyes looking into her blue ones. He had never wanted anyone so much in his life.


2.  Angst: Vee (30)

                She couldn’t believe that asshole had stood her up like that after all he went through to get her to go with him. There would be hell to pay later.


3. AU: Yamapi and Shige (30)

                “It has to be a nightmare,” Yamapi groaned.

                “Nope, Chri is mine and there is nothing that you can do about it,” Shige said with a smile the size of Texas.


4. Threesome: Kame, Ryo and Jessi (33... could have been WAY longer)

                Her body was on fire as she was pinned between the two boys. Kame was at her back, nibbling on her ear, while Ryo was at her front doing wonders with his mouth.


5. Hurt/Comfort: Ohno and Miura (26)

                “I can’t believe he punched me?” Ohno said. Miura pulled a steak out of the freezer and smashed it on Ohno’s swollen eye.

                “Believe it brother.”

6. Crack: Yamapi (24)

                His dark eyes cracked open and the first thing they landed on was a spill of brown hair on the pillow next to him.


7. Horror: Miura (22)

                A scream ripped from his throat as he hid his face behind the pillow. Scary movies were just to much for him.


8. Baby fic: Ohno and Jessi (55!)

                Ohno looked down at the sleeping bundle in his arms, a small smile on his face. He then looked over at his wife asleep in the hospital bed, her curly hair plastered to the sides of her face. Then the baby yawned and opened its big grey eyes. His eyes were just like his mothers.


9. Dark: Daniel Henney and Shige (33)

                Shige’s dark mood only darkened as he watched the man caress the side of her face, a smile coming to her full lips. That was his woman dammit, not some action hero wantabe’s.

10. Romance:  Chri and Vee (26)

                “I am so in love with him it hurts,” Chri said with a small whine. Vee just rolled her eyes.

                “Then fucking tell him, you pussy!”


11. Death Fic: Daniel Henney and Kame (28)

                Kame stood over the bloody corpse with a gun gripped tightly in his hand, the barrel still smoking. That’s what the bastard got for messing with his woman.


12. AU: Shige and Jessi (26)

                Jessi looked over at him, her eyes hooded in lust.

                “Let’s fuck,” She said abruptly, drawing the man’s attention. She didn’t have to tell him twice.


13. Dark: Chri and Kame(33)

                Chri’s breath drew ragged as she looked around the pitch black room.

                “Kame I’m afraid of the dark,” She said.

                “Me too,” she heard his reply as it came from the darkness.


14. Threesome: Yamapi, Ohno and Vee (29)

                Vee smiled as she looked at the two naked boys standing by her bed. Ohno looked excited and Yamapi looked scared as he eyed the paddle in her hand.


15. Amnesia:  Daniel Henney and Miura (25)

                “Who are you?” Daniel asked as he eyed the other man. Miura just scoffed before turning away from the man. He didn’t need this shit.


16. Hurt/Comfort: Ryo and Shige (27)

                “It just wasn’t meant to be Ryo,” Shige said, “Chri is supposed to be with Yamapi.”

 Ryo narrowed his eyes at his friend .The guy wasn’t helping.


17. Crack: Chri and Jessi (32)

                They peered in through the tiny crack in the bedroom door, smiles spread across their faces. The boys were none the wiser as they began to strip and change into their swimsuits.


18. Genderswap: Yamapi and Ryo (27)

                “Hey stop touching her boobs!” Yamapi said as he swatted Ryo hand away for Chri’s breast. He was supposed to have gone into her body, not him.


19. First Time: Daniel Henney and Vee (30)

                “I...I’ve never done in it an elevator before,” Daniel stuttered as the small woman advanced on him, a wicked smile on her face.

                “There’s a first time for everything.”


20. Angst:  Kame and Shige (35)

                Kame’s fist collided with Shige’s lip, sending the boy to the ground. Kame’s chest heaved as he tried to reel in his anger, but he couldn’t. The guy should have never touched her like that.


21. Baby Fic: Yamapi (24)

                Yamapi’s face went white as he looked at the pregnancy test in Christine’s hand. He didn’t know the first thing about being a dad.